1998 Action Movies

A list of the best and worst action movies released in 1998.
Lethal Weapon 4 preview
127 min.
Deep Impact preview
120 min.
The X-Files preview
121 min.
Armageddon preview
144 min.
Blade preview
120 min.
Ronin preview
121 min.
Rush Hour preview
97 min.
The Siege preview
115 min.
Who Am I? preview
108 min.
Hard Rain preview
98 min.
Mercury Rising preview
108 min.
The Negotiator preview
139 min.
Lost in Space preview
130 min.
The Newton Boys preview
113 min.
Mighty Joe Young preview
115 min.
Small Soldiers preview
110 min.
Sphere preview
134 min.
U.S. Marshals preview
127 min.
The Avengers preview
89 min.
Black Dog preview
103 min.
Godzilla preview
139 min.
Species II preview
93 min.
Soldier preview
98 min.
Vampires preview
107 min.
Knock Off preview
90 min.
Firestorm preview
89 min.