1998 Comedies

A list of the best and worst comedies released in 1998.
Antz preview
87 min.
Lethal Weapon 4 preview
127 min.
Suicide Kings preview
106 min.
The Truman Show preview
102 min.
The Big Lebowski preview
117 min.
Pleasantville preview
124 min.
Clay Pigeons preview
104 min.
Rush Hour preview
97 min.
Sliding Doors preview
99 min.
Who Am I? preview
108 min.
You've Got Mail preview
119 min.
Almost Heroes preview
90 min.
Dirty Work preview
81 min.
Dr. Dolittle preview
85 min.
Out of Sight preview
122 min.
Patch Adams preview
115 min.
Wag the Dog preview
96 min.
The Waterboy preview
89 min.
Zero Effect preview
116 min.
Half-Baked preview
82 min.
The Newton Boys preview
113 min.
Primary Colors preview
143 min.
Rushmore preview
93 min.
Mighty Joe Young preview
115 min.
Small Soldiers preview
110 min.
The Avengers preview
89 min.
Home Fries preview
91 min.
My Giant preview
106 min.
Practical Magic preview
103 min.
Senseless preview
93 min.
Holy Man preview
111 min.
Bulworth preview
108 min.
BASEketball preview
103 min.
Ringmaster preview
95 min.
Very Bad Things preview
101 min.
Orgazmo preview
94 min.
Simon Birch preview
113 min.
Spice World preview
93 min.