2001 Romantic Movies

A list of the best and worst romantic movies released in 2001.
Amelie preview
122 min.
Moulin Rouge preview
127 min.
Serendipity preview
90 min.
The Brothers preview
106 min.
Heartbreakers preview
123 min.
Shallow Hal preview
113 min.
Get Over It preview
87 min.
Monster's Ball preview
111 min.
Vanilla Sky preview
135 min.
The Mexican preview
123 min.
O preview
95 min.
The Majestic preview
152 min.
Pearl Harbor preview
183 min.
crazy/beautiful preview
95 min.
Summer Catch preview
108 min.
Angel Eyes preview
102 min.
Kate & Leopold preview
121 min.
Sweet November preview
119 min.
Head Over Heels preview
86 min.
Original Sin preview
116 min.
Glitter preview
104 min.
On the Line preview
85 min.