1998 Suspense Thrillers

A list of the best and worst suspense thrillers released in 1998.
Dark City preview
85 min.
Suicide Kings preview
106 min.
Apt Pupil preview
100 min.
Wild Things preview
113 min.
The X-Files preview
121 min.
Affliction preview
113 min.
Clay Pigeons preview
104 min.
A Perfect Murder preview
107 min.
Ronin preview
121 min.
Mercury Rising preview
108 min.
Nightwatch preview
101 min.
Out of Sight preview
122 min.
Ringu preview
96 min.
Zero Effect preview
116 min.
Fallen preview
123 min.
Hush preview
108 min.
A Simple Plan preview
121 min.
Palmetto preview
114 min.
Pi preview
85 min.
Sphere preview
134 min.
Twilight preview
94 min.
Psycho preview
104 min.
Snake Eyes preview
99 min.