2001 Suspense Thrillers

A list of the best and worst suspense thrillers released in 2001.
Memento preview
116 min.
Joy Ride preview
96 min.
The Others preview
101 min.
In the Bedroom preview
130 min.
Ocean's Eleven preview
116 min.
The Score preview
123 min.
Swordfish preview
99 min.
Training Day preview
120 min.
Antitrust preview
120 min.
The Deep End preview
100 min.
From Hell preview
137 min.
The Glass House preview
106 min.
Heist preview
111 min.
The Hole preview
102 min.
Novocaine preview
95 min.
Spy Game preview
126 min.
Vanilla Sky preview
135 min.
Don't Say A Word preview
113 min.
Hannibal preview
131 min.
The Mexican preview
123 min.
Sexy Beast preview
88 min.
The Pledge preview
124 min.
Original Sin preview
116 min.
Session 9 preview
100 min.