2002 Suspense Thrillers

A list of the best and worst suspense thrillers released in 2002.
The Ring preview
115 min.
Signs preview
107 min.
Changing Lanes preview
99 min.
Insomnia preview
118 min.
Narc preview
105 min.
One Hour Photo preview
95 min.
Red Dragon preview
120 min.
Swimfan preview
85 min.
Frailty preview
100 min.
High Crimes preview
115 min.
Solaris preview
99 min.
Dragonfly preview
103 min.
Panic Room preview
112 min.
Trapped preview
105 min.
Unfaithful preview
121 min.
Birthday Girl preview
90 min.
City by the Sea preview
108 min.
Hart's War preview
125 min.
Abandon preview
99 min.
Blood Work preview
111 min.
Deuces Wild preview
96 min.
Enough preview
115 min.
Femme Fatale preview
110 min.
John Q preview
118 min.