DVD Review: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)

Chuck and Larry DVDI Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is now out on DVD, and I’ve been gifted with a free copy. Since I thought the movie was one of Adam Sandler’s worst comedies ever, it’s not a very good gift, but a gift nonetheless.

You can read the full Chuck and Larry movie review here, but continue on to see whether the DVD is any good. The DVD features several features, all of which are quite good considering the type of movie we’re talking about. Of course, these behind-the-scenes looks aren’t as elaborate as the ones you’d find on the DVD for Pirates of the Caribbean, but they’re still pretty informative, and, at the very least, honest. One of my biggest pet peeves are featurettes that are purely promotion (“You’re going to see things in this movie you’ve never seen before”), and luckily the Chuck and Larry DVD stay away from that kind of thing. Thankfully, both Sandler and James are present in all of the featurettes as we get to see them both off camera and discussing the movie.

The stunts featurette is actually quite fun, and a nice reminder that even for a rather simple comedy such as this you can still require stunt men. Of course, none of the stunts are particularly mind blowing, but, then again, I wouldn’t willingly choose to roll down a flight of stairs with a fat guy on top of me. Another one looks at the various cameos in the movie, though it unfortunately isn’t that funny.

The real highlight of the DVD are the deleted scenes and outtakes. Considering that the movie was pretty crappy, the deleted scenes aren’t much to scream about, but there are a few funny moments scattered throughout. The outtakes, however, are quite good, and it’s always fun to watch people like Sandler messing up (or farting).

Guys, just to note: Jessica Biel is noticeably absent from the DVD.

Overall, the Chuck and Larry DVD has some entertaining features. I managed to get through all of the bonus features in half an hour, however, and I question whether there’s anything here really worth purchasing. Of course, I’d question if you were even considering buying this movie in the first place…

By Erik Samdahl
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