Goal II Finds a Distributor

Goal 2 MovieThere are some movies that you hear about and hear about and hear about until you reach the saturation point and begin to believe that they will never see the light of day. Such is the case of Goal II: Living the Dream, a soccer film that was a hit overseas but has been struggling to make it to U.S. theaters since… well, I’m guessing around 1873.

Goal! (the original) was surprisingly good and well done, but it flopped magnificently in the United States. Right there, you knew that the sequels, which were already developed or in development, would have a hard time finding a distributor and release date. I thought for sure that we’d see this picture go straight to DVD, but instead the movie is getting a very small, 250-theater limited release through distributor Peace Arch Entertainment. Genius Products will handle the DVD releases.

Assuming that the sequel is even half as decent as the original, I would have gone another route: I would have renamed the film to something that isn’t nearly as cheesy (no matter how you look at the title, it is God awful) and marketed it to all those youth soccer leagues that are popular in the U.S. (how soccer continues to fail to turn those kids into adult soccer fans is a marketing travesty). Goal II: Living the Dream, with the right title and right promotion, could still have a chance.

As of now, Peace Arch plans to release Goal II sometime in the spring of 2008.

By Erik Samdahl
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