New Rambo Outdoor Movie Poster

Rambo, starring Sylvestor Stallone, hits theaters January 25, 2008, and Lionsgate has just made the new outdoor movie poster available. It’s not nearly as cool as the regular poster, but certainly still has an appeal for it. I can’t believe I’m saying this about a Stallone movie, but I’m really looking forward to this bloodbath…

Rambo Outdoor Poster

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Chris Edwards

    Rambo is Cool.


    I think Stallone needs to find some NEW material. I mean c’mon–first that lame ROCKY re-make and now this? Get real!

  • Kathleen,

    Maybe you should stop crying. Judge Dredd blew as did many other Stallone movies. Rambo is a God among 1980’s action flick players. We need Rambo. Bring him back. Bring Arnold’s Predator character back.

  • admin

    Have you seen Stallone’s new material? Probably better to stick with what he knows works.