Guy Ritchie’s Revolver Movie Trailer… Finally

Revolver MovieOh, how the tides can turn so quickly. Guy Ritchie was at the top of his game just a few years ago, with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and it’s even more entertaining “sequel” Snatch. Then came Swept Away, and in a moment his career was gone like a starfish removed after a sudden hurricane. Some blame Madonna, others blame a poor career choice, and even some just claim that the media made a much bigger deal out of it than it needed to be. But for whatever reason, Guy Ritchie hasn’t been heard from in years, and we’ve watched his latest film Revolver float around in limbo (at least domestically) for over two of those years.

Is Revolver that bad? Was the studio just afraid that releasing it too soon after Swept Away would taint its chances at box office success? It’s hard to tell, but the movie trailer for Revolver, which is now online, has me looking forward to it. Snatch was a lot of fun, and Revolver looks to be of the same vein that made Guy Ritchie so popular in the first place. When you stumble, you return to what you know works and you do it again. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sure, Revolver looks a bit different – it looks a little glossier, a little more coherent and a little less British, but it still looks like Guy Ritchie. If there’s comedy, it isn’t show in the previews.

Overall, the movie looks good. I like edgy, twisting crieme thrillers, even if they turn out to be not that great. At the very least, Revolver should be entertaining, and at its best, it will put Guy Ritchie back on solid footing.

What does bother me is that after two years of being in limbo – which in itself is a bit disconcerting – is that Samuel Goldwyn Films is only giving the film a very limited December 7th launch, not exactly a huge vote of confidence. Why not give it a wide release in January or February, when movies like this can make a bit of money?

Watch the Revolver movie trailer now.

By Erik Samdahl
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