Man uses gun to remove flat tire, almost kills himself

Tacoma Man Shoot CarsThis isn’t movie news, but this is local news for me… local news I can’t help but share with my readers. Down in Tacoma, Washington, a man found himself frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t get the last lug nut off one of his tires of his Lincoln Continental, so much so that he decided to grab his trusty 12-gauge shotgun, stand at about arm’s length away from the car and pull the trigger.

Now, as this man apparently didn’t know, firing buckshot at a rather solid object usually results in some of that buckshot bouncing back in the direction it came. It’s simple cause and effect, the theory of momentum, et cetera, et cetera. A mixture of buckshot and debris reflected off his car and struck him badly in both his legs, causing “severe but not life threatening” injuries (okay, so he didn’t almost kill himself, but that made for a more dramatic title). While his legs got the worst of it, he got hit as high as his chain.

Alcohol was not involved.

Now, I’ve never had to remove a tire or a wheel and have never tried to remove lug nuts, but I didn’t even know that using a shotgun was an option. I mean, how f**king stupid can you get?

*Image from The Huffington Post.

By Erik Samdahl
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