Curse the Heavens: McG is directing Terminator 4???

Terminator 4 MovieWhat have I done to be cursed? What has the rest of the world done to feel the wrath of God? Punish us with a flood, or the eight deadly plagues. Kill our first born children, or have locusts eat our crops and flesh. But please, God, please, why in Hell is McG directing Terminator 4, officially known as Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins???

There is a mystery in Hollywood, and the mystery is why do certain directors get hired when the studios know they’re going to develop a crappy movie? Take Paul W.S. Anderson, who struck a tiny bit of gold with Event Horizon (and maybe Resident Evil), but has pretty much given the world a bunch of pathetic poop, namely Alien vs. Predator and a few others. Of course there’s Uwe Boll, who defies all logic every time he gets a new project to work on. There’s no need to mention his projects. And why does McG, who lays claim to the entertaining but trashy Charlie’s Angels – and the subsequent God-awful (and I MEAN God-f**king-awful) sequel – get hired to do another project? Aren’t there enough directors in the world, whether they’re coming out of college or out of little film festivals or Sibera, to allow the studios to hire effective directors at an affordable price. Why would a studio hire McG, who 1) doesn’t have a real name, 2) only can direct music videos and 3) is guaranteed to destroy the Terminator franchise even beyond what Terminator 3 did?

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. I now know that Terminator 4 is going to suck. There is no question. Thanks, McG. And thanks Warner Brothers.

By Erik Samdahl
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