The Video Game Marching Band

Okay, here’s what I have to say about marching bands: I don’t see the point. First off, I’ll note that I’m from the northwest, not exactly an area known for its marching bands or its interest in them. Apparently, in some parts of the United States, marching bands are big things, but up here, they aren’t anything spectacular. At football game halftimes, why would I want to listen to a barely audible band that walks around doing sluggish designs, et cetera, et cetera?

However, in this Cal vs. Washington State game, the marching band does something really, really awesome. In a homage to video games, they simulate – with their collective bodies – several classic video games. Which video games? Let us list them: Pong, Tetris, Mortal Kombat, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and various Mario stages. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below…

By Erik Samdahl
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