Get Smart Complete Collection DVD Contest: 25 DVDs!

Get Smart DVDOne of our larger contests of recent date, we’re giving away the Get Smart: Complete Collection DVD set, which contains 25 DVD discs and lots and lots of Get Smart action (all five seasons). I’ve never really watched the show as it was before my time, but I hear it’s quite good. Of course, as you know, Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway are starring in a remake/film adaptation of Get Smart in 2008, but nothing is ever as good as the original (okay, not entirely true).

The Emmy-award winning series stars Don Adams as title character Maxwell Smart, which originally aired on NBC from 1965 to 1970. All five seasons are included, as well as ten hours of bonus interviews (including a “new” interview with co-star Barbara Feldon, a.k.a. Agent 99.

The box set has a retail value (at of $259.00.

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By Erik Samdahl
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