The Seahawks Clinch the NFC West, Dominate the Cardinals

Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals - Kierney crushes WarnerI should have posted my prediction here so you all would believe me, but at IHOP this morning, I predicted to both my mother (who I was taking to thundering Qwest Field) and the IHOP host that the Seattle Seahawks would beat the second place Arizona Cardinals by a 20-point spread. Ambitious, maybe; optimistic, certainly, but given home field advantage, a need for revenge and the chance to clinch the division right here and now, I didn’t think it was unreasonable. My prediction came pretty close, as Seattle routed Arizona 42-21, a 21-point spread.

Kurt Warner didn’t look bad, other than the five interceptions he threw – a career high. He seemed to like Marcus Trufant as a receiver more than his own guys, as he lobbed easy passes to the Seattle defender all game long – including one that was returned for an 80-something yard touchdown, and another that killed the momentum gained when Arizona recovered an onside kick. Needless to say, even when the Cardinals got to 27-14, their closest point spread of the game, this Seahawks game was not that stressful. And that’s a good thing.

Had the Seahawks lost, the Cards would have had a tiebreaker over the Seahawks, they would have been only one game up on the Cards with a toucher schedule to go, and the Cards would get that tingly feeling thinking that they are actually better than the Seahawks. It’s cute to think they thought they would actually win the division… when I was down at the Grand Canyon in October, I remember reading a paper in Arizona that, understandably, was so excited and confident that this year was the Cardinal’s year. After all, they were playing well, on par with the Seahawks and so on and so forth. Again, it was just cute that they thought that success would carry through to the end.

Sorry Cardinals, but the Seahawks are NFC West Champions. Again.

By Erik Samdahl
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