I Am Legend Opens Really, Really Big

I Am LegendAfter a disastrous weekend a week ago with The Golden Compass falling hard and fast, the box office has been revitalized by I Am Legend. The Will Smith-starring sci-fi flick opened to a huge $29.7 million on Friday alone, which means that the movie is destined to make between $70 and $80 million over the three day weekend.

This is the injection the box office so desperately needed, and once again cements Will Smith’s place at the top of box office leaders. With exception to a few stumbles (mostly dramas), Smith can open movies big, and I Am Legend is his biggest yet. Not only does I Am Legend‘s opening beat the $62 million summer opening of Smith’s I, Robot, but it will likely surpass the number one December opening previously held by The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King‘s $72 million. Amazing!

I Am Legend opened on 3,606 theaters. In comparison, The Golden Compass – in its second weekend – earned only $2.6 million on Friday from almost as many theaters.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Greg

    This record proves one thing. It’s not the downloaders that are hurting movie revenues. It’s crappy movies. Give people something worth watching and they’ll pay to see it.

  • Brian

    I can NOT believe how terrible this movie was. I may be the only person that wasn’t suckered in by all the hype when I went to see this movie. I had expectations that it would be original and entertaining but what a joke. It’s as if some brainiac movie exec said, “Hey, let’s take the movie that was based on Stephen Kings novel, “The Stand” and put Will Smith in it. If we throw in a few zombie-like bad guys we can pick the pockets of those suckers that want to see a big star like Will Smith.

    Will Smith hould kick himself in the ass for even thinking that this movie was in any way original. But I guess money talks. Next time I’ll just save my money and wait for the next Jackass movie… now THAT’S entertainment…

  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the mini review. I still plan on seeing the movie (unfortunately my plans fell through this weekend to see it) – I’m hearing mixed reviews. Some people say it’s okay, others not so much. Yours is definitely the harshest I’ve heard.

    BTW, I have Jackass 2.5 sitting on my desk right now. I’ll be getting a review online later this week.


  • Greg, you do have a point. While I do believe piracy is an issue, in general, good movies (or at least well marketed movies) can still make a lot of money. Hollywood should follow the path of any other business – if you’re losing money due to “competition” (i.e. piracy), then gain an advantage by cutting costs. If Golden Compass was made for $100 million instead of $200 million, then it would be a lot more profitable, no?

  • Watching this movie was like watching paint dry. The first hour and fifteen minutes were so boring.After that it got a little exciting.If it weren’t for Will Smith being in the movie it would have really been a sleeper. AND haven’t I seen this plot in another movie before?

  • Hmmm… is there anyone who does like I Am Legend? Charlotte, I’m pretty sure you could have never seen this plot before. It’s not like the movie is a remake of two previous films or anything. :o)

  • Dan

    It’s supposed to be boring at first. He’s the “last man on Earth”. Do you want him to dance jig’s in Central Park for your entertainment?

    If you want mindless entertainment that a simian could appreciate go watch a Uwe Boll movie, it’s right up your alley.

    The Last Man on Earth and The Omega Man were the movies prior to this. But I bet you were trying to hint at 28 Days Later weren’t you? Not even close.