Jackass 2.5 DVD Only Half the Fun (a DVD Review)

Jackass 2.5 DVD CoverJackass 2.5: Unrated is coming to DVD on December 26th, and would be a perfect late stocking stuffer for your parents. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why the movie is going straight to DVD, and that’s that it just isn’t that funny.

Clearly a release made to cash in and nothing else, Jackass 2.5 has all the same cast members from the previous films, but the footage consists entirely of deleted scenes from Jackass 2 and some interviews with the cast. So, basically, the DVD consists of a bunch of gags and painful moments that weren’t funny enough to make the cut, and weren’t even funny enough to make the deleted scenes of the original DVD.

Jackass 2.5 is barely an hour long, which is more than enough time to show all of the remaining footage and then some. To fill the movie out, there are quite a few interviews with the cast members, who remark on their favorite moments and so on and so forth. While not all that funny, these interviews are at least somewhat insightful and allow us to see the cast acknowledging that what they do is pretty stupid. My favorite part is where they show some of the crew members discussing how they can never let their guard down on the set, because the cast is always up to something gross. As one might imagine, the crew members grow quite annoyed at times.

Nevertheless, there really isn’t a memorable sequence in the entire movie, unless you count a slightly funny one that has Preston Lacy dressed up as King Kong on top of a port-o-potty while the rest of the cast fly remote control airplanes at him.

I loved the last two Jackass movies, but Jackass 2.5 just isn’t very good. It’s not terrible (unless you think Jackass is complete trash that should never be made), but Jackass fans would be better off watching the first two movies.

By Erik Samdahl
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