is now FilmJabber!

I warned you that I had big things coming, and those “things” are here! After nearly six months of slow development and several weeks of hectic chaos, has become FilmJabber.

I started way back in high school in 1998, and it has gone through many renovations over the years. I changed the design in my senior year of university in 2004, and since then, due to work and other reasons, I hadn’t gotten around to changing the design since then. Due to various reasons, I decided to retire the brand and launch FilmJabber in its stead.

FilmJabber offers a lot of the same content:

  • Over 2,000 movie reviews
  • Over 3,000 movie previews and film details
  • Release date schedules from 1995 through 2009
  • Past and upcoming DVD release dates
  • Hundreds of contests and giveaways for DVDs, autographed posters and prize packs
  • And more…

While we have lots of great new things planned (as my schedule restricted me, I had to push some of these back to later dates):

  • User reviews and trailer reviews
  • User ratings
  • Movie polls
  • Member-only access
  • Additional blogs
  • Some social networking elements (though we have no intention of doing what a thousand other sites are trying to do)

So stay posted, and let me know if you have any comments or concerns. There will be several small modifications to the site over the next few weeks, as I had to push back some minor display and usability items to get this thing out the door. I appreciate your patience and know that I haven’t been delivering many updates, but over the next week I plan to make sure the movie database is brought back up to date, release nearly 20 movie reviews and launch over 10 new contests.

By Erik Samdahl
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