Olga Kurylenko (Not Kurlyenko) Selected As New Bond Girl

Olga KurylenkoUkranian hottie Olga Kurylenko has been selected to bed with James Bond in the new James Bond film called… James Bond 22. Kurylenko is a very attractive model, as seen from this lovely image (main picture), and that’s about all that I have to say about that.

Since I’ve already laid into Yahoo! once in the last week, I’ll do it again: In their news story titled “Ukraine’s Olga Kurlyenko picked as new “Bond girl”, you may notice that they manage to spell this woman’s name wrong in the title. If I met her in person I probably would be too distracted to spell her name right, too, but somehow I’m guessing the writer of the story wasn’t staring at her at the time of writing (well, not in person anyway). One hand busy or not, great editing on their part, even if the story is originally from ET.

Anyway, the 28-year old Kurylenko crushed rumors that other hottie Gemma Arterton (picture inset) was going to be THE Bond girl, but since she’s still going to be in the movie in a smaller role, she’s presumably A Bond girl nonetheless.

James Bond 22 returns Daniel Craig to the role of the British secret agent under the direction of Marc Foster; the movie comes to theaters this November. I have to do a Most Anticipated List of 2008, because Bond 22 is going to be right up there near the top. The addition of these two lovely ladies doesn’t hurt my excitement either, and I mean that in the most innocent of ways.

By Erik Samdahl
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