Juno (2007) Movie Review – Can Ellen Page Win an Oscar?

Juno Movie PictureIt’s been a year of great comedies (Knocked Up, Superbad, Hot Fuzz), and 2007 ended with a bang in the form of Juno (2007). Juno, about a 16-year old girl who gets knocked up by one of her friends and decides to keep the baby to term and then give it to a seemingly perfect couple (who of course is anything but), is a funny film with sharp and witty dialogue and great performances from almost everyone involved, namely Ellen Page – who has a shot at winning an Oscar for her performance.

Normally, comedic roles don’t fare too well for women when it comes to Oscar wins, but while 2007 was a great year for movies, it really wasn’t a good year for leading ladies. When you think back on all the quality films of 2007, very few of those movies starred women that could be considered (even by the Oscar’s loose rules) leading actresses, and even fewer offered the kind of performances worthy of awards.

Enter Ellen Page, who handles the rather “complicated” script from Diablo Cody (isn’t that an awesome name) with ease and makes Juno her own. Ellen Page has a solid chance at winning, though her age and inexperience may work against her.

What do you think?

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By Erik Samdahl
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