Captain Jack Sparrow Burglar – Funny Video

I watched this video while at work today… the dumbest people make for the greatest entertainment, don’t they? The video is real security footage of a wannabe burglar trying to break in to a coffee shop in Lakewood, WA… the problem is that this persistent burglar is an idiot. Instead of breaking in to the coffee shop, the man proceeds to circle the building several times trying to get in through doors, windows and probably the walls. Oh, did I mention he wasn’t wearing gloves and manages to place not only his fingerprints but whole hand prints all over the place?

To cap things off, his final attempt to break in includes a running kick, which causes him to dislocate his knee.

Watch this funny burglar, dubbed the Captain Jack Sparrow burglar due to his pirate motif, which has a great voice over by the coffee shop’s sarcastic owner. You can also read the full story at King 5 News.

By Erik Samdahl
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