New Cloverfield Picture – Odette Yustman in Bed!

Check out this hot new picture of Odette Yustman in bed, naked (though with sheets) from Cloverfield. Paramount just released the pic today, and it adds to the rest of the Cloverfield image gallery that includes additional pictures of Odette Yustman.

Odette Yustman

Here are some more pictures of Odette Yustman in Cloverfield:

Personally, I can’t wait until Cloverfield! This movie better not suck.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Drew

    Cloverfield sucks!! It’s Blair Witch 4 meets Godzilla 2. Just a horrible plot with one too many “hanging chads” that will leave you feeling unsatisfied.

  • Erik Samdahl

    Hi Drew, I thought it was pretty entertaining. What monster movies do you like?

  • Molan

    Drew…you don’t have a clue…great flick…great monster…wonderful screenplay. Too bad you’re one of those dorks who just “don’t get it!” Your sad.


  • Paul

    Anyone who thinks Cloverfield had a great monster is the real sad one. 1 week later I couldn’t even remember what it looked like, what a big letdown. Otherwise the movie was so-so.

  • Paul, bummer you didn’t like it. Regardless of what you thought of the monster, I thought it was an engaging and exciting – and well done – action flick.

  • PhuckYouGary

    I can’t believe people actually enjoyed this movie. If you liked this movie, you have absolutely no taste. Terrible plot, terrible camera work, terrible monster… overall one of the worst movies that i’ve ever seen. I find it hilarious that some say the movie was a “great flick…great monster…wonderful screenplay” or “it was an engaging and exciting – and well done – action flick.” I could not disagree more- if you think this movie was good then “Too bad you’re one of those dorks who just “don’t get it!” Your sad.”

  • I can’t believe you didn’t like the movie. People who didn’t like it have no taste. I really don’t get how people weren’t entertained by this flick.

  • matt

    you cant really say horrible camera work, it is supposed to have horrible camera work because it is an hd handheld camera, not a big movie camera like in other movies.

  • seth

    odette yustman was hot

  • Jason

    Have to agree with Drew, what a let down this movie was, I was expecting great effects and a cool story behind the creature, instead we get cheap shaky footage, with NO story whatsoever about the actual creature.

    Essentially this movie was about some guy, who gets a job in Japan, his hot girlfriend and a bunch of his friends, lots of running and 1 single daytime good shot of what could have been one awesome creature.

    It was almost as bad as superman returns, which is currently my most hated film of all time.

    Yeah, Odette Yustman was the best part of the movie, I would wear her like a facemask.

  • Obviously this argument isn’t going to go anywhere – but why do you want a story about the actual creature? Horror movies that explain where the monster generally end up being lame, because they waste back story on something stupid. It’s best to just accept that there’s a monster and go from there.

    I also liked Superman Returns.

  • Jason

    I don’t know.. depth? Thoughtfulness.. we cant all be lemmings running towards the cliff edge, some of us need information and story line to be kept interested..

    Would it be such a waste if it were interesting and compelling? No, unless you are just so stubborn that you cant concede a point, in which case there would be nothing I can say to change you’re mind.

    But then again, you like SM Returns.. so I automatically hate you.

  • lol, we can agree to disagree. I’m sure there’s some film we agree on.

  • Jason

    hehe certainly I am sure… and of course I am kidding about the hate you comment… I just cant stress enough how much I cant stand SM returns.

  • There’s no movie you hate more than Superman Returns? Ghost Rider?

  • Jason

    There is no movie I hate more.. it’s not just the movie, if Superman was never done before, and this was the first time Superman was heard of and they made this movie, maybe then I wouldnt hate it so much, I just wouldnt like it at all, but they took a franchaise, a figure from our past that; prior to this movie, was amazing.. and puked out this horrendous movie.

    It’s like chocolate, just about everyone likes chocolate, its a formula that has stood the test of time.. now; you get the bright idea of making you’re own line of chocolate.. so you make a chocolate shell.. mmm delicious, then you fill the shell with fish sauce, baby puke, dog pooh and the cheesy sweat from a homeless man’s butt… there you have superman returns.

  • Hi Jason,

    Wow. All I can say is that I wish I were as creative as you are in that second paragraph, lol.

  • i love you odette

    i wanna mary odette yustman! she’s a perfect goddess.

  • Hi I love you!

  • Justin

    I wanna do odette yustmam more than anything on the planet

  • naldo

    Well I didn’t find that cloverfield was such a bad movie yes it tried to gain some emotional reaction by using scenes reminiscent to 9/11 and yes they didn’t explained anything about the monster but i agreed that this is a waist of time since the explanation might be stupid any way. I don’t consider it to be not nearly the greatest film but i must say rather enjoyed it. On the other hand superman returns sucks beyond believe is the movie that they never should have done Brian Singer was way out tune with this one i didn’t like the premise i didn’t like the superman i didn’t identify with any of the characters and there were times i wanted to kill Lois superman and the boy for being so lame.

  • HR

    My first impression about cloverfield is amazing .. well yeah the story is not so deep, mistery unsolved, don’t know if that creature is dead or alive .. but i like the part when the b-2 bomber hit that thing, feels great .. lol, never seen that on any other monster movie before.

    Superman is sucks, don’t know why i like it when i’m young. I guess it’s kinda ankward to see a man wearing red underwear when you’re grown up lol

  • Did anyone but me like Cloverfield AND Superman Returns? Seems like people only like one or the other… :o)

  • James

    I’m so horny I love u odette I want to go to ur house and make love with u and have sex and fuck and wat ever u choose but I love u so will u make love with me please.

  • James

    By the way odette I will always love u so if u need someone tu talk to add me on Facebook I am a guy of course that is if u have Facebook but I love u so please I am obssesed with u I look at pics of wat I can find of u and I masturbate to the pics.

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