Michael Clayton Gets Re-Released on January 25, 2008

Michael Clayton Movie PosterMichael Clayton (2007), the critically acclaimed drama-thriller starring George Clooney, is returning to theaters on January 25th, presumably with hopes of getting some Oscar recognition. While quite incredible, the movie has suffered from a few things that could hurt its chances:

  • It didn’t make any money. Sadly, financial success is often a factor in winning major awards.
  • Very few people saw it. This ties in with the financial succes, of course, but the movie pretty much arrived with a thud.
  • Everyone has forgotten it already. Sometimes, releasing a movie in October is good enough to carry it through early January. And other times, like in 2007, people will forget a film a month later.
  • 2007 is just too competitive. In most years, George Clooney would be guaranteed an Oscar nomination, Tom Wilkinson a supporting nod and the movie a possible Best Picture nod. In most years. 2007 has been filled with great movies, and Michael Clayton doesn’t have the same kind of punch as some of the heavyweights.

All that being said, Michael Clayton is a really good movie. Read the Michael Clayton movie review or – on January 25th – watch the movie in theaters! It’s reaching 1,000 theaters across the country, so it’s not exactly a tiny re-release.

By Erik Samdahl
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