Cloverfield Sets January Box Office Record

Cloverfield Movie PosterCloverfield, the J.J. Abrams-produced monster movie, earned $41 million over the three-day weekend, according to box office estimates. With Martin Luther King, Jr. Day tomorrow and many of the film’s target demographic free, the movie is set to make a fair amount of money on Monday, too.

The movie only costs $35 million to make (I’ve heard some reports that say $25 million), and combined with the $41 million three-day take means:

  • It has already made more than its production budget
  • It beat out the re-release of Star Wars‘ $35.9 box office weekend that up until now has held the January box office record
  • It beat out Black Hawk Down’s $33.6 MLK holiday weekend record.
  • It goes to show that you can make a high quality film on a low budget.

Congrats to Cloverfield for once again showing Hollywood that you don’t need to spend $150 million to make big action movies.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • kaoticchick

    cloverfeild made my month…the marks on the statue of liberty are just brilliant..looks like a flesh wound on metal..HUD’s character is the best ..TJ miller is the best stand up comic ive seen in a long time check out his act

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  • Gina

    I would not agree that this is a good movie. It makes me sick to watch it as if it were a home video and I believe it would be a much better movie if it were done regularly. Some of the movie doesn’t make sense and what’s with the ending? This movie is like Quarentine but I liked that one a lot more.

  • So you didn’t like the ending to Cloverfield but liked the ending to Quarantine? Thanks for your opinion.