Winter DVD Release Schedule Updated

DVD logoOver the weekend, I went through and updated the DVD release date schedule for January, February and March 2008 (as well as a few releases in April and even May). I realized I hadn’t updated the DVD release dates in a while, as I managed to add release dates and links for over 50 movies, including some pretty good films such as The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (February 5, 2008), American Gangster (February 19, 2008), Into the Wild (February 12, 2008) and Michael Clayton (February 19, 2008).

I try to keep my DVD release date schedule as streamlined as possible. If you’ve ever looked for DVD release dates on other websites, they often crowd their listings with Special Edition releases, TV show releases and even direct-to-DVD releases, which to me just makes things more complicated. I want to know when the big movies are coming to DVD – I don’t care about when White Noise 2 is being released. Anyway, I’ve received a lot of good feedback about my DVD release dates schedule, so I hope you like it – check it out now!

By Erik Samdahl
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