Clean Flix Operator Busted Having Sex With Underage Girls

Oh, religious conservatives. How their hypocrisy continues to amaze me. Of course, that’s a broad generalization… I’m sure there are a lot of religious conservatives who practice what they preach; then again, I’m sure there are a lot who either lie to themselves, lie to others or are just downright hypocrites.

Take one Daniel Thompson, who up until recently was the operator of the Flix Club in Orem, Utah. The Flix Club is a part of the Clean Flix chain, which has drawn fire in recent years from the major studios for altering their films to be, shall we say, PG-rated. The chain illegally removes scenes depicting sex and violence from home videos, and essentially waters down perfectly good films for those who are too afraid to watch quality stories the way their creators meant for them to be watched.

Anyway, needless to say, the Clean Flix chain – and, specifically, the Flix Club – appeals mainly to religious conservatives. One would guess that the Flix Club is operated by a religious conservative. Maybe. Then again, maybe he’s a man who likes to have sex with underage girls and film them for his pornographies.

Yes, Daniel Thompson, operator of Utah-based Flix Club, was arrested for statutory rape. According to Orem police, Thompson also told the girls his business was “actually a cover for a pornography studio  and asked them to participate in making a porn movie.” Large amounts of pornography was found at the business. Needless to say, Thompson claims he didn’t know the girls were underage and that the pornos were for his own personal collection.

With Senator Larry Craig and seemingly countless other disgraced religious conservatives popping up every year, not to mention priest abuse and so on and so forth, it’s just amazing that… well, I’ll just leave it at that.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Nick

    Hey, tardo who wrote this article. Do your home work. The Dan, the jackhole who owned cleanflix wasn’t religious, he was a business owner, nothing more. He didn’t go to church, and didn’t run the business to help make the world a better place, he did it because there was a market and he wanted to make a buck. So don’t put this on religious people, and do your homework next time you freaking idiot.

  • John

    Also, please don’t accuse the Mormons of being “too afraid to watch quality stories the way their creators meant for them to be watched”. What’s wrong with wanting to watch a clean version of a movie? The TV studios clean them up for TV, Cable, and Airline companies right?

  • Hey John, I’ll take back the bit about Mormons – the issue is not with the audience wanting to see clean versions of movies, but rather that this company illegally alters a director’s work.

    As an aside, I try not to watch edited versions of movies (TV, airplane, etc.) because they are generally not a true representation of how the story was meant to be seen.

    That being said, I’ll say “touche!” because TV/cable/airline alterations are a legitimate “changing of the final product.” Good comment!