Writer’s Strike Rolling to an End

It looks like the Oscars may go on without a hitch, other than some last minute jokes which surely won’t be any more cringe-inducing than usual. According to an Associated Press article earlier today, sources are saying that the Writer’s Guild is close to coming to an agreement with Hollywood that could end the strike as early as next week.

The writer’s strike, which has stopped Hollywood to a standstill and become major water cooler fodder for just about everyone, has gone on for a staggering three months. The writer’s have their argument – after all, shouldn’t they be compensated for money earned through the Internet? – but it will be nice to have them back working again. Only time will tell how much this will affect movies and television; while most shows have been stopped dead by a lack of new episodes (and Lost only has seven more to go!), the true affects may not be seen until this fall, where many of the projects that would have been written over the last couple of months would make it to the public in finished form. Will there be a fall television season? What will the quality of movies be like? Will the studios attempt to reboot some shows like The Office later this spring?

Assuming the strike ends within the next seven to ten days, I’m sure there will be plenty of announcements as to what shows will restart sooner than later, so on and so forth. All I can say is, about frikkin’ time.

By Erik Samdahl
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