Out of Town… And Upcoming Movie Reviews

Don CeSar FloridaI thought I was going to be able to maintain my movie blog while I was away, but considering I haven’t posted anything since Friday when I left, I guess not. I traveled down to St. Pete Beach, Florida to stay at the Don CeSar Resort for a client conference unrelated to anything FilmJabber. The hotel is great, other than an air conditioner that wakes me up repeatedly in the middle of the night with just enough warning to give me a mild heart attack, and $7.00 bottled water (not that anyone should drink bottled water, regardless of how terrible the water in the my-vote-doesn’t-count state). While the weather has been a lovely 80-degrees with no clouds and very little wind, I’ve barely had a chance to be outside, though I have spent a lot of time in the Presidential Suite, admiring the view and watching the Giants mount an amazing victory over my CEO’s Patriots. I must admit I was rooting for Eli Manning to pull it off, despite not being a big fan of either team, as the Giants were expected to get their ass kicked – and I don’t know if I can handle Boston getting all the glory these days. That being said, after the Giants took the lead for good, I was quietly rooting for Tom Brady to pull off some magic in those last thirty seconds – what would have been more amazing than Manning’s drive other than an 80-yard comeback with 30+ seconds to go?

Oh, by the way, the hotel had a blackout for about five minutes in the third quarter; thank God nothing was happening at the time, otherwise I would have been even more freaked out than I was.

I’ve watched a couple movies on the trip thus far, though I still have two to go (Mr. Woodcock and David Lynch’s Inland Empire, which I am determined to watch sometime in the next seven years):

  • Dedication, starring Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore. It’s a romantic comedy of sorts, but it’s not all that funny or romantic. A full review will follow within a week.
  • Trade, starring Kevin Kline, about the illegal sex trade between Mexico and the U.S. Not great, but still pretty good at times.

I’ve been frustrated with writing movie reviews of late, as I have been so far behind for so long. I still have to write reviews for The Brothers Solomon, The Namesake and In the Land of Women, all of which I saw in December 2007 (oh, and let’s not forget Gary Busey’s The Gingerdead Man). It’s now February, and that’s just ridiculous. I also have to do reviews for December Boys, Yesterday, Joshua, Margot at the Wedding and probably one or two others.

Anyway, back to my trip… I leave Florida tomorrow to go visit my buddy Tom up in Rhode Island. We’re thinking of going to Montreal (we already have a hotel booked), but it could be a long and icy drive. Also, my flight is currently running through Chicago (yes, not the most direct), and American Airlines was unable to find another flight that runs directly up the eastern seaboard from Tampa to Providence. Instead, they told me that I have to wait until tomorrow to see if my flight is canceled – then they can look into more options. I’m almost hoping for a cancellation so I can get another, more direct flight, but, then again, I don’t really want to deal with that.

Oh, by the way, on my trip over to Tampa from Seattle, I stopped in Dallas for a connection. I was traveling with my CTO (no, not related to FilmJabber), and we swing by a chain restaurant, the name of which I won’t mention. We get seated by the hostess (who was a part of an eager group of hostesses, who looked utterly bored) and suddenly, our waitress pops up from nap time in the booth nearby. She’s pretty hot, I’ll admit, and nearly 24, so she’s not too far off my age range, but of course I’m only there for a couple hours and I’m craving a burger. I have no complaints, but for the hour and a half we’re sitting there, she’s probably sitting with us for an hour of that time, talking us up about all kinds of things, pretty typical things… sports, her hangover from the night before, her sexual fantasies, and the sex she had with her friend’s brother recently. You know, the typical things. I was pretty stunned, though ultimately entertained. Definitely a unique experience in Dallas… though part of me is wishing it had been a MORE unique experience.

So that’s the trip so far. I’ll be back on Sunday, with expectations to get everything rolling and up to date on Monday. Now I just need to find a date for Valentine’s Day, a holiday I loathe with a passion.

By Erik Samdahl
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