Indiana Jones 4 Teaser Trailer Review

The teaser trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is now online, as I’m sure you know. Easily one of the most anticipated sequel of all times, the fourth Indiana Jones returns Harrison Ford to what is arguably his most memorable role (or is that Han Solo?). Karen Allen also returns, and new faces such as Shia LaBeouf and Cate Blanchett are involved.

The teaser trailer is just that: a teaser trailer. There’s nothing that gives away the plot, and basically is broken into three sections:

  • An intro, covering the past three movies
  • The return of Indy, first seen as a shadow
  • A bunch of action scenes

All I can say is that I’m a little underwhelmed by the teaser trailer. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t magnificent, either. I don’t like the opening to the teaser trailer, which tries to label Indiana Jones as a savior to the human race; while maybe he is, I’ve never thought of his character as such, and this trailer seems to make him out to be some superhero. Once it gets past the intro, however, the trailer picks up well enough. The action looks pretty good (though the special effects are a tiny bit questionable)… My only other complaint is that Harrison Ford’s one liners really aren’t that great. It would have been nice to hear him say something a little longer than two or three words; as such, his lines are so short and sweet they don’t give you a chance to laugh.

I would have preferred to see a quick little intro, a bunch of action and one established scene with some funny dialogue. My expectations for this Indiana Jones movie are high, and thus my expectations for the marketing are even higher; this teaser trailer is good, but it could have been better.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Indy Fan

    I agree that the trailer was underwhelming. Indy definitely didn’t see himself as a saviour of humanity. He was, as one government officially delicately put it, “an obtainer of rare antiquities.” Or, said differently, a grave robber. Wasn’t that his purpose in the opening scene in Raiders? So we’ve established him as a relatively amoral guy, incidentally ennobled only when he takes items from other fellow grave robbers/archaeologists who don’t happen to intend to donate the items to a museum, but who nonetheless share Indy’s belief that the original peoples to whom the items actually belong are unworthy of continued possession. The evil Belloq was right – and Indy knew it – when he told him that “it would only take a nudge to push you out of the light, to make you like me.” The upshot to all of this is that the original film is a historically accurate portrayal of the cultural sensibilities of the time. I appreciated that. Now…now the Indy persona is just caricature for kids who need the world divided into clear black and white moral camps. He’s been elevated to superhero status, and is no longer merely human. But it was this humanity that allowed audiences to connect with him so well the first time around. He had weaknesses. He was a bit of a bastard, a bit of a “bum” (to quote Prof. Ravenwood) and had a cynical edge. But he exemplified courage and perseverance. He was Han Solo for the 20th century and we loved him for it. But no longer. The action had an equally childish quality to it – see Indy’s “comic” line after landing in the truck. It was right out of a cartoon, and a continuation of the failed “comic” banter and keystone cop antics of the penultimate instalment. And the CGI didn’t look good at all. Eh, I’ve said enough.

  • I think the new movie will still be entertaining, and this movie is almost beginning to under deliver with the expectations set forth (maybe not quite rivaling the Star Wars prequels, except that this one stars Harrison Ford and is directed by Steven Spielberg).

    I hope the full trailer will set things straight.