How Good is the Movie Jumper (2008)? (A Movie Review)

Jumper Movie PosterI just watched Jumper early this afternoon, despite it being a fabulous day outside. Relatively warm with few clouds in the sky, it was a great day to play in the park, go for a jog, or at least watch beautiful women jogging. Instead, I opted to go and sit with my male roommate in a dark theater and watch Hayden Christensen jump around the globe while being pursued by Samuel L. Jackson.

The movie is okay. From an action and sci-fi perspective, it’s worth it. Jumper is consistently entertaining and has a great concept to build from; unfortunately, director Doug Liman and the screenwriters involved don’t take full advantage of the film’s potential, leaving several plot holes in its wake. If you can get over these, you’ll like Jumper, but if not… well, here’s hoping for a remake of sorts a few years down the line.

You can read my full Jumper movie review here.

By Erik Samdahl
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