Friday’s Movie Releases a Mix of Genres

The Signal Movie PictureFive movies are being released today, Friday, February 21, 2008, all vying for the top spot at the box office. The movies are:

Be Kind Rewind, a quirky, indie-style comedy starring Jack Black and directed by Michel Gondry, the director of Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind. Fans of that weird film will certainly turn out in storm, but rumor has it that Be Kind Rewind is a much more normal film, which means it will appeal to a larger audience. The movie looks good, but can its concept support an entire film?

Vantage Point, starring a wide range of people from William Hurt to Forest Whitaker, is about a political assassination attempt and a massive conspiracy. The film looks pretty good, but there are some concerns. Nevertheless, action fans, thirsty for something fresh, will flock to this one, and for good reason.

Charlie Bartlett, the highly anticipated comedy starring Anton Yelcin and Robert Downey Jr., finally arrives in theaters after months of delays. Those delays have to be troubling to the faithful; they could spell something disastrous hidden behind the quality trailers. Still, the movie looks pretty good, though don’t expect a lot of box office glory for this one.

Witless Protection is about… oh, who the hell cares? This piece of crap stars Larry the Cable Guy, which means you know it’s going to suck, and Jenny McCarthy doesn’t add much sense of quality, either. Hopefully this one fades quickly.

The Signal opens in limited theaters, and will appeal to horror fans if they are “lucky” enough to get a chance to see it. The limited release is concerning, and the plot screams Japanese horror rip-off, a genre that has all but died (thankfully).

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By Erik Samdahl
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