Who Will Win Best Actor at 2008’s Academy Awards?

Daniel Day LewisWho will win the Oscar for Best Actor at 2008’s Academy Awards? Normally, I would go into an analysis of each actor’s chances and strengths, such as my articles on Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor, but that really isn’t necessary.

I haven’t seen In the Valley of Elah, but I’m sure Tommy Lee Jones is good – but has anyone seen that movie? It’s not in theaters and it’s not out on DVD.

Viggo Mortensen was good in Eastern Promises, but was it an Award-winning performance? No.

Johnny Depp for Sweeney Todd? Puh-lease. The only reason he was nominated was because people love Johnny Depp. There were better performances out there in 2007.

George Clooney was spectacular in Michael Clayton, but…

Daniel Day Lewis is just phenomenal. The man wins praise for nearly every performance he does, but his performance in There Will Be Blood is the best of his career. Even people who didn’t like the movie recognize just how amazing he is in the film. If he doesn’t win, I will be shocked and utterly disappointed.

By Erik Samdahl
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