Fourth Jason Bourne Movie! (The Bourne Identity 4)

Jason Bourne Matt DamonOne of my favorite action franchises – the Jason Bourne series -  is returning for yet another installment, and the key players, director Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon, are returning. Without them, I would be much more hesitant, but now the film is all but guaranteed to be good.

Following Doug Liman’s The Bourne Identity, which was very good but not great, Greengrass took over and absolutely blew me away with The Bourne Supremacy. Most people liked The Bourne Ultimatum even more, but I slightly favor Supremacy for its more complex plot.

All that I ask, Mr. Greengrass and Mr. Damon, is that you write a plot involving Carlos the Jackal. He was the main villain in the books, and the whole reason for Jason Bourne’s existence. Sure, the movies have veered so far away from the original plot of the books (read The Bourne Supremacy book and tell me it’s not one of the coolest books ever written – even though it’s nothing like the movie) that some elements will be lost (the movies have killed off two of the three main characters from the books), but Ultimatum really set the stage for something about Carlos the Jackal. Sure, Ultimatum tried to explain David Webb’s transformation into Jason Bourne, but it never touched upon why the program was created in the first place. Why? To take down Carlos the Jackal!

The one thing the Bourne movies have lacked is a truly evil villain, and it’s about time Jason Bourne met his match. The Bourne Identity 4, or whatever it’s going to be called, better star Carlos the Jackal, or else I’ll… hmmm. Well, just put the dude in there. What about Javier Bardem as the bad guy? Benicio Del Toro? Paulie Shore?

Update: this fourth Bourne Identity movie is currently slated for a summer 2011 release date.

By Erik Samdahl
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  • bruce hampton

    Please I hope that Jason gets a new lovelife in Julia Stiles. She is sooooo hot I wish I could see her in more romantic erotic ones she was in with Freddie Prinze Jr. years ago and I agree with the villian. We need someone and more fight scenes to show his abilities Uummmm Julia!!

  • Stuart

    If George Nolfi comes up with an excellent script, there will be a 4th Bourne Film. After thinking about it for awhile, it seems logical that something has to draw David Webb out of hiding. Maybe something to do with Pamela Landy, after she is named as the new Head of the C.I.A?? David Webb will track down his family, whether they live in Nixa, Missouri or not.
    Now that David Webb’s face has been plastered all over the National News, it would make sense to me that he would now be required to take on the skill of jason Bourne from the Ludlum novels, which is a Master of Disguise. He was known as a “Chameleon” in the Bourne novels.

  • Dave Ulrich

    @ 60 years of age – i’ve seen all the bond movies, books, etc. BUT THE BOURNE SERIES IS IT. Personally, Hollywood has gone overboard with the women they use. They make these movies ROCK. If only men were that cool.

  • mike

    Call it BOURNE AGAIN….after all he looked like he was dead in the end of # 3…

  • @mike, he’s definitely alive at the end of the third film.

  • Jerry Katz

    I’m a big fan of the Bourn movies. In one scene Jason and Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) have a moment about something that could be very interesting in # 4. Nicky states that “IT WAS DIFFICULT FOR ME WITH YOU” She implies that she was in love with Jason during his training, but he doesn’t remember anything about it..This left me with a thought about a relationship between them???? What do you think??

  • carlos

    they better start cracken’. damon aint gonna be athletic for ever. i want 3-4 more – at least.

  • Rance

    as some of you has said before i like Bourne and Bond, bond has always given us a fantasy whereby no matter how bad the problems the world is facing, he has always took it in his sauve sophisticated and indeed womanising way to achieve his goal without of course a scratch on his face or hair out of place, now Bourne has arrived and definately blew all the old Bonds out of the water and yes he,s even got the new Bond on the ropes, i personally think that the bond frachise simply wouldnt be able to carry on if they didnt change their tactics, we no longer want to see the hero unscathed, we want him more human, to be punched, kicked, stabbed or shot and be bleeding and limping away aww poor jason” lol” but to have human emotion aswell, and then of course theres the plot, so many twist and turns, very well written, i will definately look forward to the nxt Bourne, but because of this i wil also look forward to the nxt Bond to see what they come up with because lets be honest Daniel doe,s a good job with the new tougher macho Bond.

  • Rance

    oh forgot to mention, Daniel Day Lewis would make a absulute wicked Badguy For Bourne, have you seen him in gangs of new york ? fantastic actor, would make it very believable,

  • Hmmm. Daniel Day Lewis would be a pretty bad ass villain in the next Batman movie, too…

  • Jack pearson

    Bourne movies are totally awesome… !! very good work done by Matt.. eagerly waiting for the next level…

  • Joe

    I love all the Bourne movies much better than I like the Bond movies. Just personal preference, I guess–they just seem more “believable.”
    I’m bettin’ that in the fourth movie Bourne hooks up with Nicky Parsons (Julia Styles’s character). Wouldn’t blame him.

  • am great fan of ludlum and matt also…love them both. but i agree that carlos the jackal must come out on the next movie (if there’s any…read the ludlum’s trilogy of bourne and i’m really looking forward to see carlos the jackal and jason bourne in their run and chase scenes….

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  • I felt a bit like Jason Bourne when I fell over drunk on the pavement at the end of march this year.I enjoyed “the Bourne Identity” greatly a few weeks ago.Im trying to write and remember
    my memoirs of my second trip Stateside

  • Its a very well-shot film.Im also enjoying”Treme” which brings back so many memories of New Orleans