Movie Trailer Review: Get Smart Gets Less Funny

Get Smart Movie PosterThe full movie trailer for the new Get Smart movie came out today, and while it still looks pretty funny, it doesn’t look nearly as funny as the Get Smart teaser trailer made it out to be.

The teaser trailer showed only a couple key scenes, but they were well constructed and perfectly timed. The phone booth scene is priceless and set the stage for the rest of the preview, but that scene is suspiciously missing from this full movie trailer.

Overall, there are enough laughs in the trailer to make me eager enough to see Get Smart come June 20th, including one innocently crude scene after Steve Carell’s Maxwell Smart was watching the beautiful Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) tango dance with some guy, presumably as a diversion, where Hathaway asks Carell if he saw something, and he responds, “Only once, but I doubt you thought he’d lift you so high.” Nice!

The Get Smart movie trailer is pretty funny, but it seems like the marketing department got carried away. Instead of focusing on some key, funny moments (like the phone booth scene), they instead go into montage mode and show all kinds of crazy stuff. The movie trailer just feels a bit cluttered and rushed. For example, the scene where Carell passes through a beaded doorway only to have all the beads fall away was pretty well paced and hilarious in the teaser trailer, but here the scene is glossed over to the point where it no longer evokes any laughs.

The good news is that it appears as though there are plenty of good scenes in the movie (apparently so many so that the marketing department decided to show a second from each one), and so in that regard I’m certainly looking forward to Get Smart. There haven’t been too many good action-comedies in recent years, save Hot Fuzz, and so I hope they pull this one off. Hathaway looks hot, too.

Watch the Get Smart movie trailer I’ve been talking about.

By Erik Samdahl
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