Movie Trailer Review: Iron Man Toughs It Out

Iron Man PictureIf you’re any kind of comic book fan, you’ve already checked out the spanking new movie trailer for the upcoming Iron Man movie. All I can say is: this looks good, but not that good.

Once again, the teaser trailer rocked; the movie trailer just underwhelms a little bit. The teaser trailer was very serious and action-oriented, whereas the Iron Man movie trailer has a lot more humor and silly stuff. Not exactly the kind of things I like to see.

That being said, the comedy in Iron Man is pretty funny. Tony Stark’s suit fails on him mid-flight, and he goes crashing through a roof and into an expensive car. Gwenyth Paltrow walks in on him getting the suit assembled, but she’s seen him in “more awkward situations.” Funny, but funny doesn’t bring me to these kinds of movies.

With a full movie trailer, I want to see a little bit of plot and a lot of action, and the Iron Man movie trailer lacks that to some extent. Only a smidgen more of the plot is revealed than was in the teaser trailer, and the teaser trailer actually sets up the attack sequence in the beginning much better. The trailer focuses heavily on Stark making and putting together his suit, which, in my opinion, is a bad move. It’s this kind of thing that stretches the bounds of reality, and fans on the fence might be turned off by that kind of thing. For me, personally, I don’t care how the suit is made or how Stark puts it on – I want to see him use it.

I’m sure another Iron Man movie trailer will come along soon enough, especially since this one’s a bit underwhelming. I still have high hopes, but the trailer is just a bit poorly constructed in a few places.

By Erik Samdahl
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