Step Brothers Movie Trailer Not That Funny

I hate to say it, but the new Step Brothers movie trailer is not that funny. The movie stars one of my favorite all-time actors, John C. Reilly… oh, and Will Ferrell… and is about two grown men who become step brothers when their parents get married. The catch: they’re both losers, so they both live at home, which means they have to share a room. Essentially, it’s like Billy Madison only with two of them.

The movie could turn out to be okay, as I’ve learned to never underestimate these two guys no matter how lame the movie looks (I haven’t seen it yet, but the really bad-looking Walk Hard supposedly was really good, and that one starred John C. Reilly, too), but Step Brothers just doesn’t look that good. It doesn’t look bad, but I was expecting a lot more laugh-out-loud scenes than I got. The only real highlight is the final moment, where Reilly jumps onto the top bunk, the bed breaks, and Ferrell becomes trapped underneath.

I have a feeling this is a trailer that’s going to grow on me as the months go on, but the marketing team could have certainly come up with a funnier movie trailer than this. Step Brothers looks okay and its concept is funny enough to work, but I’ll need to see more evidence first.

By Erik Samdahl
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