Vote Obama, but Watch this Jack Nicholson Clinton Ad

I am a supporter of Barack Obama; I think Hillary Clinton may be a better President, but Obama has a few things going for him. He is more electable. Clinton divides, whereas Obama bridges the gap. This is both good for winning against McCain, and for the nation in general. That being said, Clinton just found a way to get her message to spread virally on the Internet; I have to imagine this political ad is going to wind up all over the place…

The Jack Nicholson political ad, which has Nicholson supporting Hillary Clinton, takes blurbs from some of his most memorable roles and twist them into support for what Clinton. The Joker, the guy from The Shining, and several other Nicholson characters are shown off and on with political messages intertwined. It’s a clever ad, though I have to question whether it’s smart to have Nicholson’s most psychotic characters voting for Clinton. After all, does it mean you have to be crazy to throw your support behind here?

Watch for yourself, and let me know what you think:

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Get a life and lighten up. Your “boy” obviously can do no wrong. So don’t worry about it. You admit Hillary would make a better president, yet you go with the “feel’in good” crowd. The country voted 2000/2004 to vote for somebody they wanted to have a beer with, and look how that worked out. Those of you who are too intimidated to question the authenticity of BO, for fear of being labeled a racist, will faint with delight when you elect “Yes we can” man. Shame, shame on all of you! For me, I’ve voted for Hillary, and I’m not drinking the Koolaid.

  • Hi S. Baker,

    My choice to go with Obama has nothing to do with “feeling good” crowds. I am not intimidated with authenticity or being labeled a racist, but Clinton is a decisive figure who will likely be running against the one Republican who can draw moderate democrats to his side. As such, I do not believe that Clinton is very electable against John McCain; and I would rather have Obama than McCain.

    The decision is a purely strategic one, to get what’s best for this country into the seat of the President. Clinton could still make it, but it would be close – too close to make it worth it.

  • r. henson

    I’m with S. Baker, by the way it easy to say no to the war when Your, not in the senate, and Don’t have the intel they were giving whether that info was false or not is not the senate’s fault. Change is great and B.O. has a great message
    But i believe to get those changes you have to have someone that can cross the isle, (Rep. and Dem.)Thats H.C.