Jena Malone Picture… in a Bikini

I like Jena Malone. I really don’t like Jena Malone. I don’t know what it is about her. She’s good looking, but she isn’t hot in the traditional sense. She doesn’t have the perfect body or perfect face, but, then again, maybe that’s a good thing. I think what I like most about her is that she is a pretty girl who chooses pretty good, edgy movies.

Unfortunately, her new movie The Ruins does not look all that great, but at least there’s a picture from the movie involving Jena Malone and a bikini…

Jena Malone bikini

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By Erik Samdahl
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  • so pretty 🙂

  • so she is very nice girl i love mr’s jena melene i love you your very nice girl u can love me


  • I think Jenna Malone is a beautiful girl I hope she stars In many more movie’s she so hot!!!

  • Jena Fan

    Its not Mr’s and its Not Jenna.
    Yeah she is the most beautiful and ofcourse very talented

  • Rach

    She isn’t hot, she is just pretty. But she has something special maybe her eyes or smile or I dont know but there is something that make her sparkle. The ruins is the worst thing ever!! Why did she even dare to act with sucky pseudo actors like Vanessa Hudgens and the rest of the crew, I mean c’mon! Jena is a great actress with loads of experience and acting with those ‘wannabes’ made me sad. She is awesome

  • “She doesn’t have the perfect body or perfect face” : that does not have sense, moreover it’s a pretty dangerous sentence.

    Since when esthetic should be what advertising tells you what it should be ?

    There is not such thing as “perfect beauty” as the beauty is purely subjective fellow.

    For me, this girl is cuttest than many other actresses you would qualify having a “perfect face”.

    Please, get culture.

  • Franz, she simply does not have the look that is often seen as “perfect”; but I agree she is incredibly good looking and cute.

  • English is not my mother tongue (as you probably noticed it ;>), so i’m not able to express my thought as well as i’d like…

    I guess that the article’s author meant the perfection that the medias give.
    But our responsability is to be not the relay of it and so to not make this sick thought (irrevocable point of view on esthetic) his own speech.
    WHen you say “she’s not a perfect beauty”, using the first person, you’re meaning your thought, your own point of view.

    We all need to be very carefull about that.

    And what i am saying goes beyond what i could personnaly think about this particular actress.

    Hope i have been clear enough,