Sir Ian McKellan to Return for The Hobbit?

According to WENN, Sir Ian McKellan is “desperate” to reclaim his role as Gandalf in the upcoming The Hobbit movie(s). This is no real surprise, as the guy got more acclaim and recognition for The Lord of the Rings than any other film he’s ever starred in, and, really, how could they replace him with a new Gandalf?

It’s good to hear actors clambering to return; Elijah Wood has also expressed interest, though I don’t remember Frodo Baggins playing a big part in The Hobbit, if any. New Line (now Warner Brothers) has to be focused on maintaining a consistent look, feel and quality to the new movies, even though Peter Jackson will not be directing. I’m still interested to see how front runner Guillermo del Toro will handle the movies; he’s a great choice, but how much of his unique style and imagination will make its way into the film?

By Erik Samdahl
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