The Incredible Hulk Trailer – Disappointing

I just watched the movie trailer for the upcoming Edward Norton action flick The Incredible Hulk, which looks to repair the damage done to the character in Ang Lee’s version a couple years back. Expectations are high for the film considering that Norton rarely does poor movies and is one of the best actors of the last ten years.

Here’s the movie trailer for The Incredible Hulk:

Unfortunately, the trailer leaves little to be desired for. The movie looks a bit grittier than the last one, which is good, and the dramatic scenes could have impact with Norton at the wheel, but there’s just something about this trailer that doesn’t work. The setup for the introduction to the Hulk seems a bit cluttered and is not as exciting or suspenseful as it should have been. Of course, what really hurts are the scenes with the Hulk – and that’s not good.

Standing still, I think the Hulk looks pretty cool. I love the veins. However, in motion, neither he nor the villain (Tim Roth) look very good at all. The sequence is just cheesy; the two “creatures” running at each other in slow motion looks like something out of a video game. Right now, I’m still holding out hope, but this one looks like another box office dud.

By Erik Samdahl
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