The Fall Movie Trailer

Here’s the movie trailer for The Fall:

By Erik Samdahl
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  • Rick

    Is The Fall coming out on DVD? I wanted to see it and I think It was only in the theatre for a week


  • The movie is simply stunning and will be etched into your memory for a lifetime!

  • Ian

    this shit looks tight

  • Ian

    Does it really come out on dvd september 9th?

  • Yes, it comes to DVD on September 9th.

  • The Fall is very exciting to watch. This movie will surely get all the viewer attention. I wish it will release DVD copies early.

  • This post is very interesting stuff….Its really makes us Stunning…Thank you for to make such a wonderful movie….


  • Sarah

    Has the video been deleted? Can’t see it anymore 🙁 But thanks to Laura for sharing

  • Hi Sarah,

    I fixed the trailer – you can now watch it.