Disney’s FastPlay DVD Feature a Joke

I watched The Aristocats a couple days ago, and I encountered a very annoying feature that Disney apparently thinks is a device that helps the viewer. It’s called FastPlay, and I’ve run into this piece-of-crap feature on a few DVDs now.

Disney FastPlayWhat is FastPlay? FastPlay is a feature on the DVD that allows you to skip the DVD menu and jump directly to the film. Or one would think. Upon plugging in your DVD, a screen appears on the television asking you whether you want to go to the Menu or do FastPlay. Naturally, I want to skip over all the junk and go right to the movie, so I click on FastPlay.

The movie starts, right? Nope! It goes to a movie preview. I normally like movie previews, but not Disney previews. I click the Skip button to jump to the movie. It goes to another preview! Crap, I chose poorly. I hit the Menu button – it takes me to the standard DVD menu. I click on the “Play” button. It takes me back to the first preview again, one for 101 Dalmatians. I skip to the next preview, and the next, and the next.

Five or six previews later, several remote clicks and multiple minutes wasted, I finally reach the movie. How the f**k is that FastPlay?

Here are my issues with FastPlay:

  • It isn’t faster.
  • It doesn’t skip right to the movie.
  • If it’s made to be easier for little children, that doesn’t make sense. I bet two-year olds these days know how to use DVD players.
  • It doesn’t save any clicks. Most DVDs go right to a menu, where you can hit “Select” to trigger the Play feature. FastPlay is just a simplified version of the DVD menu.
  • There’s narration to explain what FastPlay does. If you need to explain it, then it isn’t very usable, is it?

Why did Disney develop this? Why defy standard DVD usability and actually add a new layer? Why label something “FastPlay” and not bypass all the stuff people who just want to watch the movie don’t want to watch? It doesn’t make any sense.

By Erik Samdahl
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