Man Loses $12,000 Engagement Ring in Helium Balloon

Engagement Ring BalloonYou must have heard the story by now, whether on the radio, on the news or at the water cooler. Some idiot in England bought a $12,000 engagement ring (please tell me that’s more than two month’s salary, because I don’t know how this guy could make that much money based on his judgment call here) with plans to propose to his girlfriend.

Lefkos Hajji wanted to do something unique and thoughtful, so he thought that while he’s “popping the question,” she should be popping a balloon. And no, not just any balloon! A balloon that has something special inside… namely, his $12,000 engagement ring. Honestly, it’s a neat enough idea and something that probably sounded really great when he came up with it and discussed it with his friends.

But, when you fill that same balloon with helium (note: helium, as I learned, does not only make your voice sound funny, but it also causes things to float), take it outside and let go of it when a “strong” gust of wind hits you, that idea is suddenly not so good.

If it were me, and I were bold (or thick) enough to do something like this -which I’m not – I would hold onto that balloon even if I were caught outside in a Category 5 hurricane. Hell, I would figure out a way to defy gravity and fly just in case something bad were to happen.

Long story short, the guy loses the balloon when a gust of wind hits him, the engagement ring goes flying away into the sky, and the guy spends two hours driving around trying to track the balloon. If he had that little kid from The Kite Runner, he might have been in better shape, but, alas, he did not get the ring back.

Even better, he goes and tells his girlfriend, and now she refuses to talk to him until he buys her another ring. Are you f**king kidding? Either these two are the best match for each other, or the worse. He’s a dumbass, and she’s a bitch. Why would you put your engagement ring into a helium-filled balloon, and how could you be such a bitch as to force the guy to buy another one right away?

By Erik Samdahl
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