Star Wars: The Clone Wars Poster – Pretty Lame?

A teaser poster found its way online a couple days ago from ShoWest for the upcoming George Lucas movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I must say – this movie poster makes the movie look pretty lame. After the artistically done posters for past movies, I would expect something a bit more elaborate than this goofy looking one.

I am really interested to see how Star Wars: The Clone Wars does. It’s a Star Wars movie, but it’s an animated Star Wars movies. It’s still going to make a good chunk of money, the curiosity factor will be there, but a lot of people are going to be turned off by the animated characters. The characters look ridiculously stupid, and it’s going to be hard watching them on the big screen. I’m afraid that this movie is going to further degrade the overall quality of the Star Wars franchise; this movie just wasn’t meant to be made into a cartoon, let alone released in theaters.

Here’s the Star Wars teaser poster:

The Clone Wars

By Erik Samdahl
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