Game: What is the Best Jim Carrey Movie?

Jim Carrey Dumb and DumberThose of you looking to kill a minute or two, voice your opinion and have a stab at $20 Fandango Bucks should head on over to and try out their Jim Carrey game. Why? Because I said so!

Seriously, the game is pretty cool. Basically, it’s Jim Carrey Death Match, which means his movies go head-to-head and you get to decide which one’s better. Eventually, after several one-on-one matches, you eventually end up with your top pick. The whole game is easy to play, takes almost zero brain power and runs on some pretty cool Flash technology.

Interestingly enough, I thought I knew what my favorite Jim Carrey movie is… but as the picks kept on appearing, I found myself torn. I absolutely love Dumb & Dumber, but, then again, I also love The Truman Show. Dumb & Dumber is funnier, but is The Truman Show a better all around movie? Of course, the guys (and ladies) over at Box Office Prophets would say Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of the best movies ever.

What did I choose? Maybe I’ll tell you, but maybe I won’t.

Play the Jim Carrey game now! 

By Erik Samdahl
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