The Kite Runner on DVD + DVD Review

Kite Runner DVD coverThe Kite Runner, considered one of the better foreign language films of 2007, comes to DVD today. The film actually got a lot of attention, even though it was nowhere to be found at the Academy Awards (other than a nomination for music). While a lot of people liked this film, I found The Kite Runner to be nothing more than a quality TV movie. The first half of the movie is quite good, but the modern day scenes suffered from stale directing (and Marc Forster is directing the new James Bond movie, no!!!!) and flat acting. The final part of the movie plays out like an action movie, but the action is rudimentary at best (Marc Forster, no!!!!).

You can read my full Kite Runner movie review here.

That being said, The Kite Runner isn’t that bad. It might even be worth watching, but I wouldn’t expect an amazing film by any means. The DVD offers these bonus features:

  • Commentary by Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, no!!!), Khaled Hosseini and David Benioff (wouldn’t it have been cooler to have the two young boys provide commentary?)
  • “Words from The Kite Runner” – I don’t know what this is, but I don’t really care
  • Images from The Kite Runner – Seriously? How can companies still market image galleries as real bonus features? Why would you even want to look at an image gallery when you can just watch the movie?
  • Theatrical trailer

Again, The Kite Runner is probably worth seeing, but I get annoyed at the praise this film undeservedly receives.

By Erik Samdahl
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