3 New Movies to See for Friday, March 28, 2008

Kate Bosworth 21It’s Friday, March 28, 2008, and as any good moviegoer should be thinking, you’re wondering what movie you should invest in this weekend. For new wide releases come to theaters today, all aiming for that top spot at the weekend’s box office. Thankfully, three of the four movie are potentially worthwhile films, at least on paper.

21, starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth and that guy from Across the Universe, is about a group of students (lead by their teacher, Spacey) who decide to rip off some Las Vegas casinos by counting cards. Of course, their greed gets the better of them and things spiral out of control. I’m not always a huge fan of gambling movies, but when done right, they can be very good (Rounders, anyone?). Mainly, I want to see this movie for the fact that Bosworth looks hot in it, but one should not discount the talented cast involved.

Run, Fatboy, Run is the long delayed Simon Pegg comedy. The release date delay is worrisome, and after seeing the trailer over and over again when it was originally slated for the fall, I haven’t seen much promotion, if any, in recent months (though, admittedly, I haven’t been going to see much of the garbage in theaters – and I fast forward through TV commercials). Regardless, Pegg is on a roll (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) and Run, Fatboy, Run looks pretty funny.

Stop-Loss is an Iraq war drama about a young man (Ryan Phillippe) who returns home from war only to find that the military has decided to send him right back. Not happy about the fact that he has to leave his girlfriend (wife?), he considers going AWOL to Canada. Some people aren’t big fans of Phillippe, but I think he’s actually a pretty good actor given the right material, and Stop-Loss could be right up his alley. The marketing team has also done a great job with an excellent trailer that strikes upon the themes of the film. Considering that other, bigger Iraq-themed films have flopped over the last year, I wouldn’t expect this one to stick around for too long – but it has the potential to be good.

The last of the movies is Superhero Movie, but, considering this spoof is from the same group of people that have created some of the worst movies in recent memory (Epic Movie and Date Movie), I would not go see this film if my life depended on it. In fact, if you go and see this film, you are supporting the creation of more terrible spoofs in the years to come.

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By Erik Samdahl
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