Bangkok Dangerous Trailer, and Trailer Review

I just watched the movie trailer for Bangkok Dangerous, the new action movie starring Nicolas Cage. In it, Cage stars as an elusive assassin who finds himself in over his head when he takes a job where he is set up to kill a political figure in Bangkok, and ends up falling in love instead.

It looks like the pretty typical assassin movie, where the assassin finally gets a conscience and decides to turn on those who hired him. Bangkok Dangerous looks just okay, as there aren’t any bankable action sequences or on-screen events to really wow the audience, and Nic Cage looks to be playing just a variation of other characters he has done before. Despite the titlel, Bangkok Dangerous really doesn’t look all that sexy, exciting or smart, and that’s a problem.

Still, as mindless entertainment goes, we can hope that this one falls in line with Shooter. Watch the Bangkok Dangerous movie trailer below:

By Erik Samdahl
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