Amanda Righetti Pictures, and Who the Heck is She?

Amanda Righetti… good looking girl, if I’ve ever seen one. In fact, a very good looking girl. Today, April 4th, is her birthday, and just yesterday she received a very nice present: she was cast, presumably in a leading role, in the new Friday the 13th movie, a retelling (read: remake) of the original rise to power of Jason Vorgheese. Did I spell his last name right?

Of course, I have yet to see a good Friday the 13th movie and still have yet to fathom how the franchise has dragged itself to what will soon be 12 films. Twelve films! I understand the appeal of the villain – after all, Jason is one of the coolest horror villains ever – but the movies are just horribly bad. Is this really the track you want to take, Amanda?

Oh yeah, I forgot that so far you’ve been resigned to episodes of “K-Ville” and “The O.C.” Nothing wrong with that, but you need to make your way to the silver screen at some point. And if you’re going to take the horror route, you might as well do it with an established franchise, especially a remake of an established franchise. This new Friday the 13th is going to make a decent amount of money, and Amanda Righetti is going to be riding its coattails. Smart move.

Here are some Amanda Righetti pictures:

Amanda Righetti Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti

Amanda Righetti bikini

By Erik Samdahl
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