5 Surprises at this Weekend’s Box Office

The Ruins Box OfficeI’m not a box office analyst or a box office expert, but I know surprises when I see them. While this weekend’s box office, spanning April 4, 2008 to April 6, 2008, is probably not worth the time it takes to write this piece, I was surprised from the results and figured I’d share them with you.

  1. Leatherheads only made $13.5 million to take the #2 spot. While it is a period piece, it is a period piece about football with a great cast and a funny trailer. I figured this one was a lock for the number one spot, and at least $20 million. The very fact that it didn’t make much money makes me shake my head in shame… of course, I didn’t help it out by not seeing it this weekend.
  2. 21 rules the box office for the second straight weekend. Who saw that one coming? The movie was enough of a surprise last weekend when it made $24 million; this week, it only dropped 37% to earn $15.1 million. Clearly, critics and audiences are not seeing eye-to-eye on this one, as it has a pretty dismal rotten rating at Rotten Tomatoes but is still drawing in sizable audiences. Having just seen the film yesterday, I can understand its appeal: it’s flashy, entertaining and stars Kevin Spacey. I’m really not that surprised that 21 is doing well; I’m just surprised that it’s doing THIS well.
  3. Nim’s Island makes only $13.3 million. With Friday’s numbers, box office analysts were predicting that the movie might take the #2 spot, but according to estimates, that is not to be. The kid’s movie, full of adventure and Jodie Foster, seemed poised to make a splash this weekend, but that didn’t happen. Why? I’m not so sure. Horton Hears a Who! continues to do strongly, so maybe that film pulled some business away – but that one’s been out for weeks and there isn’t any other kid movies to serve as competition.
  4. The Ruins flops with only $7.8 million. Horror movies are always hard to predict, and it seems almost by chance that one breaks out while another fails to deliver. Over the last couple years, I have been especially surprised when crappy-looking horror films make bank while others with truly superior trailers and marketing do not. Personally, The Ruins looked rather stupid, but with a slightly more recognizable cast and stronger production values, I thought this one had some potential. I guess not.
  5. Superhero Movie, in its second weekend, falls only 43% to $5.4 million. Thankfully, the movie flopped in its first weekend, but this piece-of-crap has already earned almost $17 million. I was hoping for a 65% drop and a Superman-like disappearance.
By Erik Samdahl
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